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What is the role of ACI certification?

ACI certification represents the international level of today's vocational certification. It objectively evaluates the expert level of knowledge and ability of personnel engaged in relevant industries. Second, it is beneficial to go abroad: ACI certification is known as the "job-seeking green card" in the 21st century, which is commonly used internationally; Third, good employment: ACI certification training, all attention to practical and practical, leading the current training trend, in line with the global economic integration of the demand for talent, certification, lifelong effective, all kinds of companies and government departments, you can work in various industries to stand out. At the same time, ACI keeps records for all certifications, USES a wide range of channels, strengthens communication and cooperation, and selects excellent candidates. 4. Network expansion: ACI has integrated elite members of various industries, built a huge platform to promote exchanges and cooperation to meet the challenges of global economic integration.

In addition, the value of ACI certification is also reflected in:

(1) students who have obtained the ACI certificate can obtain the notarization of the federal government of the United States to prove the international authority of the ACI certificate;

(2) ACI certificate students can play a supplementary role in applying for us immigration and visa;

(3) ACI certificate students will have the opportunity to participate in the industry conference, BBS, business visit, training and other related activities held in the United States;

(4) students who have obtained ACI certificate can apply to enter the overseas talent pool of China, which is searched on the official website and stored as senior professional talent reserve for the personnel department of the company. It is an important basis for job recruitment, appointment, salary increase and promotion.

ACI is dedicated to helping train the leaders of tomorrow for personal professional certification ACI provides training, certification issuance for a number of important business-related programs.
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