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Certified International Nutritionist

With the development of social economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to health and life while pursuing the enrichment of material life. Therefore, food safety, nutrition and health, nutrition and health care, nutrition and rehabilitation have become the new needs of the society, the work of dieticians has gradually received attention.

In the United States, every inpatient treatment must involve a nutritionist. There is one nutritionist for every 330 people in Japan. The number of dietitians is 2.4 times that of clinicians. This shows that there is a great shortage of talents engaged in nutrition work. With the advent of the globalization of global knowledge economy, all walks of life begin to connect with international practices, and the demand for international professionals will increase dramatically.

The certification of registered international dietitians is a professional certification examination for the global promotion by the American certification association (ACI). It is one of the most popular certification programs in the world.

The American certification association (ACI), as one of the world's famous professional certification bodies, represents the international level of current professional qualification certification, which is universal and has extensive representativeness and international authority.

ACI registered international dietitian (CIN) certification aims to cultivate a group of specialized, professional and international nutrition professionals and improve the nutritional and health level of the whole population.

ACI is dedicated to helping train the leaders of tomorrow for personal professional certification ACI provides training, certification issuance for a number of important business-related programs.
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