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CIPC- Certified International Psychological Consultant

With the acceleration of the process of global economic integration, market competition becomes increasingly fierce and the pace of life is also getting faster. As a result, a lot of psychological pressure is brought to people, and even serious psychological barriers are generated. According to the world health organization's authoritative survey, the biggest threat to mankind in the 21st century is not famine and earthquake, but more serious psychological problems than natural disasters.

Psychological science statistics show that 80% of people at different ages have different levels of psychological disorders, personality defects and habitual bad behaviors. How to maintain a healthy mind, a sound personality and a mature attitude, which directly affects people's work and life quality, is a life and social problem that modern people must face. With the increasing integration of global politics, economy, culture, education and so on, all walks of life begin to gradually connect with the international standards today, the demand for international professional talents increases sharply.

In order to cultivate international psychological professionals for the society, ACI has launched the training certification of registered international psychological consultants, aiming to provide professional psychological consultants for the society and contribute to the improvement of national mental health.

ACI is dedicated to helping train the leaders of tomorrow for personal professional certification ACI provides training, certification issuance for a number of important business-related programs.
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